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How to Age Healthily During the Senior Years

Ageing is a natural process. Seniors who take care of their health as they age often enjoy higher levels of energy and a higher quality of life. September is Healthy Aging Health. This month, seniors and their caregivers should focus on embracing the ageing process through healthy habits so they can enjoy a better quality…

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Technology to Improve Senior Lives

Assistive technology can make a difference in seniors’ lives. Learn about technologies that are designed especially for seniors. One of the benefits of technology is that it can improve quality of life. Assistive technology for seniors is designed to enhance safety and well-being. Assistive technology for seniors supports their health, safety, and quality of life.…

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Helpful Home Modifications for Seniors that Won’t Bust the Budget

Use this inexpensive, do-it-yourself home modification checklist to keep your senior safe while they age in place. Hidden Hazards in the home can make seniors’ lives more challenging and put them at greater risk of injury. Inexpensive home modifications can make a difference. Making home improvements can increase senior safety and comfort. Fortunately, many modifications…

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Delicious Recipes to Help Reduce Cholesterol for Your Aging Adult

Seniors with high cholesterol should avoid certain ingredients to protect their heart health. Try these delicious cholesterol-reducing recipes instead. High cholesterol levels put seniors at greater risk of heart disease and stroke. According to the American Heart Association (, it’s important for seniors to take steps to keep their cholesterol levels under control. Seniors and…

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How Home Care Helps after a Stroke

Research shows that 9% of individuals who have suffered from a stroke will be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. ( While this number is low, there are still things that can be done to prevent a readmission. Home care can help provide services so another trip to the hospital isn’t likely. Our agency…

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How Home Care Helps after Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by bacteria or a virus and is often a complication from the flu virus ( Pneumonia causes fluid to be collected in the lungs, so individuals often experience difficulty breathing. For patients who are discharged from the hospital after having pneumonia, 18% of them will be readmitted within 30…

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