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Let Senior Care Providers Free Your Time Up for Exercise

Elderly relatives with physical or mental health limitations cannot live independently and rely on their family members to help them out daily. Family caregivers sacrifice a lot to ensure their loved one is healthy, safe and happy aging in place at home. However, caring for an elderly loved one can quickly become overwhelming, erasing a lot of the family caregiver’s free time.

Regular exercise is a pastime that is often the first thing to go as family caregivers grow busier. However, there’s no better time for family caregivers to rededicate themselves to a healthy new year than by resolving to include more time for exercise into their weekly plans. Senior care providers can be a big factor in finding the time for regular exercise.


How Do Family Caregivers Benefit from Exercise?

Home Care in Naples, FL: Free Time for Exercise

Medical experts agree that exercise is critical for optimum health and wellness. However, it can be a real challenge to find the time to do it regularly. Family caregivers that understand all the benefits of exercise are more likely to make it a priority in the new year. It only takes about 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three to four times per week to have a significant impact on health.

Exercise does so much for the body and the mind. It improves health by strengthening muscles and bones, reducing the risk of heart disease, boosting circulation and digestion, controlling weight, and creating a stronger immune system. Exercise is also linked to a reduced risk of depression and anxiety, making it important for good mental health in family caregivers.

Senior Care Providers and Respite Care

Hiring a senior care provider may be one of the best ways for family caregivers to get the time to exercise seriously. They are professionals with experience in working with seniors who have physical or mental health issues. Senior care providers know what to do to provide good care for aging adults so that family caregivers can leave to do what they need to. Respite care from a senior care provider is an excellent way for family caregivers to get some time for themselves to engage in activities they enjoy, such as socializing, recreation and exercise.

Senior care providers can assist elderly adults with all kinds of daily tasks, from getting ready in the morning to preparing healthy meals and snacks. Family caregivers can schedule senior care providers to come on a regular basis, for a few days each week to longer segments each day. Self-care is so important for family caregivers, as they are at an increase to develop burnout, depression and negative health habits such as overeating and abusing alcohol.


Relying on a dependable and professional senior care provider allows family caregivers to spend some time on their own health and avoid many of the pitfalls that come with poor health and a sedentary lifestyle.


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Ted Wolfendale

Administrator at Dial-a-Nurse
Mr. Wolfendale is a graduate of Stetson University, and Stetson University School of Law, and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1988. He is admitted to practice in the Middle district of Florida, is an active member of the Florida Health Law section, and Lee County Bar Association.

In 1995 he became Administrator of Dial-a-Nurse nursing agency, the oldest nursing agency in the Southwest Florida succeeding his mother who started the company 37 years ago. He is also President of Nevco, Inc., an educational healthcare training company begun in 1988.

Mr. Wolfendale has worked with the U.S. Department of Commerce on various Missions to improve the quality of life around the world by development of supportive healthcare programs. In 2005 he traveled with U.S. officials and addressed the Italian National Government assisting in the creation of Nurse Education mandates for that Country. In 2006 he was invited and spoke with the National Institutes of Continuing Education in Eastern Europe on healthcare education and developmental mandates, and most recently represented the United States at the European Union in Lake Balaton, Hungary in 2011. In 2014 he traveled with the U.S. Department of State to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam in an effort to improve caregiver knowledge and training.

Mr. Wolfendale has worked with a number of non-profits in contributing and creating curriculum to improve the quality of life in third-world countries since 2001, and notably created a successful program in Odessa, India that has been modeled in other areas of the world. In his backyard, he has worked with local Goodwill Industries to provide curriculum and training to underserved individuals who have obtained employment as a result of educational training. He was the Congressional appointment to the Governor's purple ribbon task force in 2013, and has worked to educate caregivers in all aspects of Alzheimer's training.
Ted Wolfendale