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Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that can cause varying degrees of disability. Seniors affected by this disease often go undiagnosed. Some symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can be similar to those of other diseases, normal signs of aging, and common conditions that affect the elderly. As a result, the disease sometimes goes undiagnosed. Medical practitioners can’t…

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The Basics of Strokes

  The Basics of Strokes Did you know that each person’s risk of stroke almost doubles every decade after age 55? Caregivers and seniors must be aware of this potentially fatal condition. May is American Stroke Awareness Month. The American Stroke Association shares facts, tips, and other important info to help individuals prevent strokes and…

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Adult Day Care for Seniors

Adult day care can provide caregivers with a much needed break, so they can provide better care to seniors. What is adult day care? Adult day care provides adults with an opportunity to socialize and engage in recreational activities while at the same time, giving the caregiver a much needed break to relax, run errands,…

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5 Ways Pharmacists Can Help Your Aging Adult

Pharmacists play a role as part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team for an older adult. Their role is critical in improving the patient’s care and life. For older adults, it can be helpful to develop a relationship with a pharmacist and use the same pharmacist regularly. As pharmacists learn about an individual’s unique needs and…

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